Research Theme

The followings are research themes in our lab. (including past researches by Dr. Yamazaki).

  1. Mobile manipulation
  2. Object recognition in daily living environment
  3. Motion planning for mobile robot or articulated robot
  4. Robot vision for autonomous mobile robot
  5. Configuration and sensor for living support robot

We, human, perform various work for keeping our dailiy life every day. The item 1. is about a field of autonomous robot that handles objects for daily living support. We have been studied about following themes:

The item 2. is for knowing manipulation target and around environment by robots. Detection and state estimation of target objects, human motion recognition are included in the field. We have been studied about follwoing themes:

  • Automatic Generation of 3D shape model of a small object
  • Modeling of articulated objects such as shelf and drawer
  • Detection, classification and state estimation of
  • Tracking and relationship estimation of tool and objects manipulated by a performer
  • Effective map representation under dynamic enviroments
  • Detection and utilization of character information
  • Category esitmaiton of parts of home erectric appliances

The item 3. is for robots that work in daily living environments. Wheeled robots, articulated robots, their composite robots (humanoid robots) are considered. We have been studied about the following themes:

  • Grasp planning using an 3D shape model generated by autonomous robot
  • Pose planning considering errors arising from robot motion and target pose estimation
  • Dynamic obstacle avoidance using virtual manipulators
  • Clothing manipulation by a dual-arm robot

The item 4. is for autonomous machines moving in outdoor environments. They should have various abilities for navigation: generation and use of environment map, path planning, obstacle detection and avoidance. For them, we have been studied about the following themes (JST, University of Toyko, Robot Watch (Sorry in japanese) )

  • Environment map generation for autonomous mobile robot
  • Self localization
  • Path planning
  • Pedestrian detection and tracking

The item 5. is themes for tobots that work in daily living einvironment. Based on ideas that are not bound by standards for common knowledge, novel configurations and sensors are proposed. For them, we have been studies about the following theme:

  • Sensor information processing for dextrous manipulation by 2-fingered hand